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10" Potted Alocasia Regal Shield
10" Potted Alocasia Regal Shield

10" Potted Alocasia Regal Shield

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10" beautiful Alocasia Nebula Regal Shield aka Elephant's Ear, is available in a white or black ceramic pot (as pictured) with drainage dish. 

Plant Care: the Alocasia Nebula Regal Shield requires very bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves of an Alocasia. Alocasia plants prefer warm temperatures between 60-80 degrees. Always allow the top 2"- 3" of the soil of an Alocasia plant to dry out before watering. Keep the soil evenly moist. Check the soil frequently until you are sure of the plant's watering needs. Water an Alocasia Plant less during the winter when it is dormant. 

Pot Size: 10" Diameter x 11 3/4" Tall

Pot Care: Rinse in lukewarm water

Info: Drainage hole in the bottom of the pot

Available for delivery in NYC or pick up in our East Williamsburg studio. We'll email or text you to set up a delivery or pick up time within 72 hours of your purchase.