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8" Yield Spun Planter in Peach
8" Yield Spun Planter in Peach

8" Yield Spun Planter in Peach

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The self-watering 8" planter is hand-spun from a single sheet of aluminum, then powder-coated. At 8" in diameter and 8" in height, the planter holds a range of houseplants and saplings. The planter can be used as a cachepot (holding already potted plants) or as we recommend, fully potted with soil placed directly inside to take advantage of its self-watering feature.

The planter contains a 1.25" reservoir at the base divided from the main body by a perforated aluminum disc. The reservoir keeps standing water separate from the soil, preventing root rot, but evaporates back into the soil once it begins to dry out. This leads to healthier plants and easier care. Indoors/outdoors suitable, but recommended for use in covered areas in case of heavy rains.

Size: 8" Diameter x 8" Height

Material: Aluminum planter with perforated aluminum reservoir. 

Care: Rinse with lukewarm water.